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Viola Wine Cellars is an urban winery producing wines with Italian spirit crafted from Northwest ingredients. From stainless aged Barbera to bright and crisp Pinot Bianco, our wines are made as naturally as possible for you to enjoy with friends and family over a meal. All native yeasts, very low sulfur additions and unfined and unfiltered whenever possible, you can find our current releases at cork wine shop, which serves as the tasting room for the winery.


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TO ORDER Wine orders will be fulfilled during our next regular business hours. If you would like to arrange a special time to pickup or have a shipping request, please send us an email at and we will coordinate with you to meet your request. All shipping is fulfilled with Federal Express and is best sent to a business address. We will confirm your home state is one where we can legally ship before finalizing your order. You will receive a final invoice for the actual cost of shipping separately from your wine purchase.

Viola wines can also be found at these local restaurants and bars:

 Andina  .  Lovely's Fifty Fifty  .  Cheesebar  .  Davenport
Mingo West  .  Stella Taco  .  Cyril's @ Clay Pigeon  .  Woodsman Tavern

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